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I have a variety of services and packages for writers at almost any stage of their writing journey.

I especially enjoy helping inspire and motivate new writers and those intending to publish independently.

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Story Strategy and Idea Development

Got an idea?

Let's develop it together!

Two options available:
Story Strategy Session or the 6-week Story Flight Path Program.

Accountability and Book Coaching

Sometimes you just need a consistent kick in the pants and a friend, who actually knows how to write, to help you reach The End, set goals, and keep you accountable.

Get feedback while you write your book. Keep on track with scheduled deadlines, cheerleading, accountability, goal setting, mindset adjustments, and celebrations of what you accomplish.

Manuscript Evaluation

Have a finished manuscript? Think you're ready to pitch or publish? Think again. Get my professional peepers on your work. You'll get in-line comments and an editorial letter to tell you the big picture things to take your manuscript from good to great!

Story Strategy Session

Is your idea novel-worthy? Let’s find out!
In this 60-minute session, we’ll dig into your idea and start developing it together to see if it is novel-worthy! I’ll ask guided questions to help you dig deep into your idea, we’ll do a little brainstorming, and in the end, you’ll know in your soul if this story is the one you want to tell.
  • 60-minute Zoom session
  • 24-hours continued support via Voxer
If you continue on to the Story Flight path, your Strategy Session will be applied toward that total!

Story Strategy with the Story Flight Path

This 6-week program is for you if you have an idea you want to develop. During our time together, you will work through the Story Flight Path workbook and lay a solid foundation for your book (the Story Flight Path workbook can be used for a new idea or a manuscript that needs rescued). 

This program includes:

  • One 30-minute Welcome call
  • Discover Your Story Flight Path workbook
  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Voxer Office Hours
  • One 30-minute Next Steps call
  • Personalized coaching portal
$1100 for 6 weeks

Payment plans available!

Accountability Coaching

This program is for you if you have trouble showing up to write regularly and need accountability to get started and to reach The End. 

This month-to-month subscription-style coaching package includes:

  • Two 30-minute Zoom chats to set goals for the next 30 days and celebrate achievements at the end.
  • 4 Voxer office hours
    • Voxer office hours are for checking in weekly on your goals, mindset adjustments, motivation, brainstorming, wailing in despair, celebrating aha moments, whatever you need*

*Does NOT include story development or feedback on writing or any other types of coaching. For more than just accountability, click “Get Started” or book a connection call below. 😊


Take Flight
Book Coaching

This is for you if you want accountability and feedback on your pages during the writing of your first draft. Working with a coach during the first draft of your novel is like having draft 5 when you’re done!

Example of what this program includes:

  • Two deadlines per month (20-25 pages per deadline)
  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions per month to review feedback and determine next steps
  • Voxer office hours
  • Personalized coaching portal

Minimum three-month commitment.

$3300 for 3 months

Payment plans available!

Writer Chat

Maybe you just need a friend… one who actually knows how to write and has been where you are and experienced the things you’re experiencing.
In our 60 minutes together, you’ll be seen and heard as a writer. We could talk shop, do some mindset work, strategize, brainstorm, whatever you need.
Even if it’s a boost of encouragement, a bit of advice, some ideas for how to get started, keep going, and finish strong. I’m here for you!
Writing a book is lonely, but it doesn’t have to be!

Writer chats are held over Voxer, a walkie-talkie and texting app. You will need to set up your free account before booking.

Why Voxer? Check out my blog post here.

If you would prefer face to face, consider booking a Story Strategy Session.

Writing Advice
(Ask the Coach)

Do you just have a quick question or want some quick advice? Ask here!

Once you sign up for this, you’ll get a link to fill out a form to provide some background for your question. After filling out the form, you’ll receive a PDF with the answer to your question. 

If you have multiple questions, I will only be able to answer the first one, so phrase your question wisely!

$5 per question

If you want to ask a question that I can read on the podcast, or answer in a blog post, you can do that for free! Click the button below. I’ll email you when the answer is live!

Questions? Need Something Else? Not Sure What You Need?

If you have a question about these offerings or aren't sure exactly what you need, let me know!

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