Why Voxer is the perfect tool for coaching busy authors

Written by Claire L. Fishback, PMP

Book Coach & Story Strategist

August 16, 2023

You may or may not know, a lot of coaches (especially book coaches) strictly use video calls to talk to their clients, which means finding time that works for both people, gussying up to be on video (or at least running a brush through that mess you call hair to look half-way decent), stress and anxiety about being on video with a virtual stranger, especially for us introverts, and potentially sacrificing your writing time to get on a call! Not only that, but for busy authors, finding time to write is hard enough, let alone finding a good time to get on a call with someone.

That’s why for my accountability coaching and some of my other programs I use Voxer. I know my clients are busy authors. They can hardly find time to write, let alone sit in front of a computer for an hour to talk about their WIP.

That’s why, when I heard about offering coaching through Voxer, I perked up and wondered, “Is this for my people?”

Here are the main reasons Voxer works best for some of my coaching packages and what the benefit is for YOU, my future client.

It allows for asynchronous chatting, perfect for busy authors!

This is the key to a Voxer coaching session. If we are in completely different time zones, you can send a message at any time prior to our scheduled meeting.

No need to stay up late, get up early, or rearrange your calendar/schedule to fit the meeting into your life.

No need to attend meetings live. Just drop in and out as you please.

This asynchronous nature caters to your different time zone, lifestyle, and needs, while still delivering powerful and valuable coaching.

It can happen anytime, anywhere.

As long as you don’t have to focus deeply on one thing, you can ask questions and send messages, then do something else while you wait for my response! It fits into the nooks and crannies of your day (sounds a lot like Toucan20, amiright?)

You can attend the “call” from anywhere, as long as you have your phone. 

Voxer is a smartphone app, which means you can be out on a walk while you send messages, or in the pick up line to collect your children from school. Anywhere you have a cell signal, you can Voxer chat.

No face to face, just voice to voice, or text to text. 

Raise your hand if getting on camera for a call makes your stomach squeeze and your heart palpitate! ?‍♀️ 

As an HSP and introvert myself, I know how taxing it can be to get on a video call with camera on. 

Voice to voice and text to text means you don’t have to worry about being on camera, nor camera ready (you can keep that sloppy bun in your greasy hair! Lord knows I will!) 

Camera free will give you confidence to speak your truth and be yourself. Plus, it’ll protect your energy, too! No need to be “on” for an hour.


I still use video when it makes sense

Now, I do know the value of peering at one another face to face, so I do still offer video calls if a client requests it, and certain types of coaching are better suited to doing video calls.

My book coaching offers (Story Flight Path and Take Flight Book Coaching) are both done over Whereby (alternative to Zoom… not sure if you’ve heard the latest about Zoom’s new terms of service being a little on the shady side), because oftentimes we look at the flight path or pages or manuscript together while on the call. That is something one cannot do with Voxer.

But, for simple coaching, like my Writer Chats, Give it the Bird Accountability coaching, and group coaching programs, Voxer works like a charm!

Want to try it out? Book a 60-minute Writer Chat today!

Check out other ways we can work together here.

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