Share my stuff. Get Rewards.

Toucan Tokens

The loyal customer referral credit program!

You are a writer. You likely have writer friends. You must love what I’m saying and/or selling, so why not get rewarded for sharing what you love?

Tell your friends about my stuff. Earn credit toward your own stuff! Read the FAQs below to learn more!


How do I participate?

There are three ways to be eligible to particpate in the Toucan Token program:

  1. Purchase something or download a freebie
  2. Become a book coaching client
  3. Subscribe to my newsletter (just scroll down to the footer and sign up!)

How does it work?

If you’ve purchased or downloaded a product from me and feel your writer friends would love it, too, simply share it with them! If they purchase it and add your name (first and last) to the “Referred by” field in the order form, you’ll get $1 credit per dollar spent! The more you rave, the more your friends will purchase, the more Toucan Tokens you’ll have clinking around in your virtual money bag!

How exactly do I earn credit?

  1. You must be a subscriber on my email list (you can sign up in the footer!)
  2. Once subscribed, check out what I have to offer here.
  3. No purchase necessary! If you see something you think one of your writer friends would like, share it with them! Be sure to let them know to fill your first and last name into the Referred by field.
  4. All of my digital products that are eligible have a “Referred by” field in the checkout area.
  5. During a campaign or launch, I’ll check the tracking system at the end of each month to tally up credits and send you an email to let you know how many you have. Otherwise, you’ll need to email me at to inquire.

Do Toucan Tokens expire?

As of writing this (May 30, 2024), Toucan Tokens will not expire.

How do I use Toucan Tokens?

If there’s something in my shop you’d like to use your Toucan Tokens to purchase, just send me an email at to let me know.

Can Toucan Tokens be redeemed for cash back?

Unfortunately, no. They can be used on any product I offer, including coaching services if your application is accepted.

Can I get Toucan Tokens for stuff my friends already purchased?

Unfortunately Toucan Tokens are not applied retroactively. The launch date for them is May 31st, 2024, so anything you refer your friends to from that date on is elibigle.

How do I check my Toucan Token balance?

Simply send an email to with the subject line “Toucan Token balance inquiry.” Include your first and last name in the email body so I know who to look for.

Can I use credit during a promotion or sale?

Yes! They’re just like money in your bank account!

Can I transfer my credit to someone else?

Unfortunately, no. Toucan Tokens are non-transferrable.

I have a question that wasn't answered

Great! Send me an email with your question at