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I had begun to doubt my writing and had thought about setting this project aside and starting over. After working with Claire, I feel renewed enthusiasm for my writing and for my book and am excited to complete it.

Claire’s feedback was insightful, focused, actionable, and encouraging. She identified issues I knew needed work but I didn’t know why or how to fix them. Claire highlighted areas that needed work, explained why it was important to fix them, and suggested steps to do so

Her focused feedback and encouragement has made me love this project again. She lifted a blanket from it and allowed me to see it clearly.

I just wish I would have started working with Claire a year ago!


Kristin Homer

Manuscript Evaluation



I think you have a rare gift in your particular capacity to blend knowledge of writing approaches with the psychology of avoidance behaviors in writers. Add to that, you are blessed with the warmest smile and sense of humor that you use to put your student at complete ease. There’s professionalism – because you know your stuff – but you infuse it with humility, openness, and being real. Your feedback was extremely positive, clear, direct and therefore helpful as well as motivating.

Working with Claire, you will get a sense of direction and meaning, along with greater belief in your ability to write.

Judalon de Bornay, Author of Great Crossing

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Claire’s feedback went into every detail of the story. It dug deep into the characters and their development. It dug deep into the story I was trying to tell and how I could use each part of the story to correlate with the theme. It helped me to gain focus on which parts of the story matter and which needed to be cut, getting to the root of what my story was trying to accomplish.

It was helpful having someone in my corner who was as excited about my story as I was. I was able to get feedback that pointed out things I hadn’t taken into consideration at this point in my manuscript and it really helped to expand my story and make it the best it could be.

After working with Claire, I feel ready to work on my project again! I feel inspired and rejuvenated and ready to tackle my next draft.


Rain Moretti

Story Rescue Strategy

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