Write With Me:
Toucan20 In Action
April 2023

Join me as I write for 20 minutes a day. Watch my word count take flight!

Want to know what the heck this even is? Click the button below:

Check how I’m doing! 

View my progress in real time (because I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to embed a Google Sheet chart that would update automatically).

I’ll be using the Trackulator to track my progress, which comes free in the free mini-course (and is pictured in the upper left corner of the image). 

Also, you get a sweet discount on the whole Deluxe Tracker Tool (DTT) when you get the FREE MINI-COURSE (did I mention it’s free? Do I sound desperate yet?)

What even is this?

In an attempt to practice what I preach and to show you how powerful Toucan20 is, I’m putting my tracker on public display. (I wrote a short blog post about this whole thing here)

For the month of April, you can watch as I log my Toucan20 sessions each day. My goal is to write for 20 minutes minimum and to finish two long-form short stories for my fiction fans over at Horror and More-er.

Don’t know what the heck Toucan20 is? Want to join the fun? 

Click the button below access the free mini-course to learn aaaaalll about Toucan20 and get the Toucan20 Trackulator (which is what I’m using to track my sessions) 

Do you have 20 minutes in your schedule?

Writing a book doesn’t take hours a day. If you can find small chunks of time say… 20 minutes?… you can start a writing practice. The more you show up for the shorter spurts, the more you’ll condition your body to know it’s GO TIME (aka: time to write). Find out more in the free mini-course.

Did I mention it has a private podcast?

You can binge the whole thing in about 20 minutes.

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