Public Accountability Event! Write With me This November 2023

Join me as I write in 20-minute increments all throughout November 2023!

Watch my word count take flight!

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What even is this?

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View my progress in real time! I’ll be using a variation of my Deluxe Tracker Tool (The Trackulator) for this challenge.

The Deluxe Tracker Tool is 5 tools in 1 and includes the Trackulator, three calculators, and the Deluxe Tracker itself. Check my stats below, or grab your own Deluxe Tracker!

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Writing a book doesn’t take hours a day. If you can find small chunks of time say… 20 minutes?… you can start a writing practice. The more you show up for the shorter spurts, the more you’ll condition your body to know it’s GO TIME (aka: time to write). Join me in this challenge and create your writing habit!

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The challenge begins on November 1st!

What even is this?

In an attempt to practice what I preach and to show you how powerful Toucan20 is, I’m putting my tracker on public display. (I wrote a short blog post about this whole thing here)

Read about the November 2023 Public Accountability Event at the button below, or keep scrolling and join the fun!

November’s Challenge

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