Create Your Writing Life with the CAN DO Formula


The Create Your Writing Life with the CAN DO virtual workshop is your solution to:


Time-poor novelists and aspiring novelists who struggle to find time to write, and when they finally do, are too tired, unmotivated, distracted, or otherwise brain dead to even think about writing.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediates alike. It’s for any writer who can’t find time consistently to write on a regular basis, those who dream of finishing their books, or getting started on their first or next one. It’s for those who wish to create a consistent and sustainable writing habit, while counteracting internal (negative self-talk) and external (deprioritizing writing for other things) obstacles.


In addition to learning the main method I used to write during the 2020 pandemic while recovering from a concussion, you will also learn to:

  • Cultivate Awareness of your time and schedule with an activity called “Awareness of Activities.”
  • Activate your writing time to make the most of every minute with rituals that pull on all five senses.
  • Nix internal excuses by effectively binding and gagging your negative inner voice using the RANG method.
  • Diligently show up by planning for and eliminating external interruptions and obstacles with 5 tools to get through any situation that interrupts your writing time.
  • Overtake your goals and become aware of how your writing life can change with just a few tweaks.

You will leave this workshop with the tools and techniques to create (or refurbish) your writing practice so you can become the kind of writer who has the confidence and power to show up to write consistently.

What are you waiting for?


Because this invaluable workshop will teach you that you do have time, you just need the right tools to find it and make the most of it! This 60-minute commitment now will give you the tools to help you find that time plus make every minute of that time count.

That’s okay! All writers and aspiring writers are welcome! This class is not specific to writing novels. The tools and lessons you’ll learn will be valuable no matter what you write.

That is awesome! However, in a March 2022 survey, I found that writers who already have a regularly scheduled writing time (aka practice or habit) don’t always show up to it due to lack of motivation, lack of focus, distractions, tiredness, brain fatigue… the list goes on. There’s something for everyone in this masterclass.

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Hi, I'm Claire!

Author coach and story strategist for time-poor novelists, and aspiring novelists, award-winning author, project manager, HSP, amazing wife, dog mom, artist, twin, and all around interesting person (according to my husband).

My greatest joy is inspiring and motivating fellow authors to create a consistent and sustainable writing habit so they can finish their books.

Let’s be friends!

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