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Coaching Programs For Every Writer

As your personal Book Coach, I’ll be your cheerleader, accountability partner, and creative guide all rolled into one. With my 1:1 coaching services, we’ll dive deep into your story, tackle any writing roadblocks, and unleash your full author potential. From beginning to end, I’ve got you covered. Let’s make your book-writing dream a reality–together!

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“I had begun to doubt my writing and had thought about setting this project aside and starting over. After working with Claire, I feel renewed enthusiasm for my writing and for my book and am excited to complete it.”

Kristin Homer



“Claire’s feedback was extremely positive, clear, direct and therefore helpful as well as motivating. [Working with her] you will get a sense of direction and meaning, along with greater belief in your ability to write.”

Judalon de Bornay

Author of Great Crossing


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The Novel-Worthy Idea Workbook

Is lack of confidence in your story idea keeping you from getting started writing the book burning in your soul?

This workbook is going to help you finally gain clarity in your story idea, so you can excitedly and confidently start writing your first draft right away!

Excitement and confidence to start writing your first draft right away

Write More in Less Time Mini-Course

In the Do More in More in Less Time mini-course, you will learn proven techniques to:

  • Find time to write in your busy day
  • Write more words faster
  • Show up even when unmotivated
  • and develop a regular writing habit

All while avoiding burn out and distractions!

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30-Day Challenge Bundles

Four ways to upgrade your free 30-Day Challenge to make the most of your writing time!

The Book

The Deluxe Tracker

The Prompts

Get Your Learnin' On With these amazing courses

Create Your Writing Life with the CAN DO Formula

In this 60-minute masterclass, you will learn the essentials from the Busy Author Toolbox.

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Busy Author Toolbox

Learn to cultivate awareness, activate your writing time, nix excuses, diligently show up, and overtake your goals.

This self-study course is perfect for busy authors struggling to show up regularly to write.

At the end of this course you’ll have all the tools I used to go from 12 years to write and publish a book to 9 months to write and publish a book while juggling my own busy life!