Welcome to the You Can, Toucan!
Email Course Companion Podcast

Welcome to the You Can, Toucan! Podcast where we talk about doing more in less time, project managing your writing life, being  your own best cheerleader, and ultimately discovering your path to the writing career of your dreams.

The You Can, Toucan! Email Course Companion Podcast is an alternate way to consume the information given in the email course. The audio version is the same content as the emails. Just more convenient for the busy writer to consume!

If you’ve happened upon this page and have not signed up for the email course, I highly encourage you to do so!


Be sure to listen in order!

Episode 1: Welcome and your new way to get more done in less time

Episode 2: What is 20 minutes worth to you?

Episode 3: Don't buy gold-plated snorkel gear

Episode 4: A ticking time bomb for your brain

Episode 5: The proof is in the pudding

Episode 6: Congratulations, Toucan!

Episode 7: Starting is the hardest part

Meet the Hosts

Claire L. Fishback

Author, book coach, project manager, amazing wife, dog mom, artist, twin, and your host and guide on your journey to unleashing your productivity.

Youcan Toucan