The Email Course Podcast And Goodies Have Moved!

If you have landed here for your email course goodies, things have changed!

The email course is now a FREE mini-course, hosted in ThriveCart Learn. If you would like access to it, please sign up below! You’ll get all the same goodies and more!

As you spread your little toucan wings and take flight to write as many words as your Toucan20 sessions will allow, I bestow upon you the trackers and such from the course all in one place, as well as a few bonuses!

The mini-course is hosted in ThriveCart Learn. It includes a private podcast, actionable steps, quick reference guides, worksheets and trackers, and email support.

Are you struggling to find motivation during your busy day and end up distracted and aimless instead of focusing on more important things?

Are you exhausted from life’s activities and can’t possibly think about writing when you feel so brain dead?

Have you dreamed of writing the book you’ve always wanted to write but don’t have time?

Are you struggling to maintain a daily (or even weekly) writing habit?

In this mini-course and companion podcast, you will learn how to:

  • Harness the scraps of time in your life
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Show up every day no matter how unmotivated, brain dead, or procrastinate-y you may feel
  • Develop (or refurbish) your regular writing habit

All while avoiding burnout and distractions!

You'll get access to these exclusive goodies and bonuses!

Completion Goodies (includes a certificate!)

Congratulatory letter, printable infographics: Toucan20 and 6 Reasons with extra content, and completion certificate!

Tracker Pack

Printables and digital trackers to get going!


A few bonuses for you!

BONUS 1: FREE Basic Graphics set

Includes the TouCAN and TouCANT graphics

BONUS 2: 50% off the
Deluxe Graphics Set

Includes ALL the Toucans you could ever need!

Bonus 3: Coupons!

Need more Toucan? GET IT!

  • 10% off the eBook/workbook
  • $10 off the Deluxe Tracker
  • 20% off the Busy Author Toolbox self-study course!
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