Toucan20 Data

On this page, you’ll see most of the data I have tracked and collected over the years for various projects.

The most recent ones with the cool graphs are from my Deluxe Tracker Tool. Get it at the button below.

November 2023

Unwanted Inheritance NaNoWriMo-ish

In November 2023, I started my second attempt at Unwanted Inheritance, which was one of the stories I worked on during the April 2023 Public Accountability Event below.

My goal was not the usual NaNoWriMo goal of 1667 words per day, but rather a time-bound goal of 20 minutes per day. This was the second (and possibly last; TBD) public accountability event I ran.

I made excellent progress on the draft before switching off the public tracker and starting a new Deluxe Tracker as seen below for Origin Codex book 3, Do More in Less Time, and Gorging of Souls. After I have completed the next 30 days of writing, I’ll add the Deluxe Tracker picture.

The negative dip you see on the 10th was a reroute of the plot. It cost me a hair over 1K words, but it was worth it!

April 2023

Two Short Stories

April 2023 was the first Public Accountability Event. I worked on two short stories for my Horror and More-er audience, which appear in my third short story collection, Tommy’s Teeth and Other Tales.

I also kept a captains log that I filled out each day.

November 2021

Origin Codex book 3 first draft

In November 2021, I started writing the third book in my Origin Codex trilogy.

I wrote 54,002 words in 26.5 hours.

I essentially wrote half of the book in 80 Toucan20 sessions over 30 days.

August 2021

You Can Toucan! Do More in Less Time first draft

In August 2021, I tracked the time it took me to write the first draft of the first You Can Toucan book in 20-minute increments.

The first draft was 15,740 words. I wrote all of those words in 22 twenty-minute sessions, equaling 420 minutes.

That means I wrote the first draft of this book in seven hours, and I averaged approximately 2,250 words per hour, or 787 per Toucan20.

November-December 2020

The Gorging of Souls first draft

November and December 2020 were fast and furious writing months for me. I participated in NaNoWriMo in November, and sallied forth with the NaNoWriMo steam through December.

This kind of production is atypical for me! But I really really really wanted to finish my book on December 31st, so I could fall into 2021 with a proverbial blank slate.

Though I didn’t finish on December 31st, I did finish on January 1st, and that was just as good to me! Great way to start the new year, especially after the Year That Shall Not Be Named (or talked about or whatever).

November 2020 I wrote 53,393 between the first and thirtieth of November, effectively demolishing the 50,000 word NaNoWriMo challenge.

In December 2020, I carried on with the NaNoWriMo steam to finish the first draft of The Gorging of Souls. I wrote 59,688 words between December 1st and January 1st. Now, these are absurd numbers, and I certainly did not only write for 20 minutes during this time. I wrote for two plus hours every night and dragged myself to bed with bleeding fingertips and burning eyeballs.

November 2020 NaNoWriMo progress chart (screen shot from their site)

December 2020 stats

December 2020 NaNowWriMo style progress chart.

January 2019

Photos of Darkness reboot

January 2019, pre-Deluxe Tracker Tool, I wanted to see exactly how much I could write in only 20 minutes a day. I type pretty fast, around 90 words per minute, and some days were better than others.

The results, however, were pretty impressive, if I say so myself.

I wrote 13,348 words from January 1 – 31 in only 20 minutes a day, averaging 430 words per Toucan20.

November 2018

Photos of Darkness first draft

November 2018, I set out to write for at least 20 minutes a day. More often than not, it was the jump start to my writing session. I usually wrote for more than the 20 minutes if I had time.

The results?

23,277 words between Nov. 1 – 30, averaging 775 words per writing session (remember, I only wrote on my hour-long lunch break back then).

Not too shabby!

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