Give it the Bird Summer Writing Camp

Accountability • Motivation • Inspiration • Connection

Give it the Bird Summer Writing Camp is a community for fiction authors who believe they don’t have time to write their books. It’s a place to come together to create a consistent writing habit, hold each other accountable, get motivated and inspired, and have a place to commiserate, celebrate, talk shop, and have fun together! 

Oh, and we’ll also be writing. Like, consistently. So get ready!

When: June 15th-September 15th
Deadline: Register for camp by June 10th to secure your spot
Limited to 10 spots! Sign up today!


Let’s face it, writing is lonely! But it doesn’t have to be.


This is an inclusive community that values people from all walks of life without discrimination toward race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. If you do not value the individual uniqueness of every human being, kindly walk away.

We are all equals here.




During this 3-month summer camp, you will not only get the kickstart to learning and implementing the CAN DO Formula, You will also be among like-minded writers just like you.

Accountability with other writers, inspiration and motivation to keep going, live support from me (Claire, an author coach and story strategist), and consistent writing.

Though not guaranteed, you may even finish a draft of your book! At the very least, you’ll have an amazing start as well as the habit in place to keep going, so you can finish strong.

You will become the writer you’ve always wanted to be. One who can proudly call herself Writer. One who can proudly proclaim, “I WRITE, THEREFORE I AM (a writer)!”

You will go from being a writer (or aspiring writer) who never had time to write your book, to a writer who consistently shows up day after day to write, no matter what.

And soon, you can tell the world, “I wrote a book.”

Or, ya know, if it’s not your first rodeo, you can say, “I wrote another book.”


Motivation, Inspiration, Accountability, CONNECTION! EVerything you neeD AS A BUSY AUTHOR!

3 Months of Accountability, Motivation, and More!

Your Summer Camp includes 12 weeks of everything featured here:

  • Exclusive community of like-minded busy writers
  • 6+ group coaching sessions
  • Two 30-minute 1:1 sessions
  • Accountability Matchups
  • Access to the Busy Author Toolbox
  • And more!

You Can, Toucan's Signature Course

Access to the Busy Author Toolbox course

The course is yours to keep no matter if you stay in the community beyond the Summer Camp or not! 

As long as it’s alive on the internet, you’ll have access. That includes any future updates and enhancements.

Accountability and Coaching: Start and Keep Going

Every other Friday, we’ll have a Zoom call to check in on the week’s goals, answer questions, celebrate wins, get back on track, get support and motivation, and words of inspiration.

These sessions are live and interactive.

(in other words, we’ll be on Zoom with our shiny faces, not on a faceless webinar)

Set your goals and stick with them

Everyone gets two 30-minute 1:1 sessions with me to discuss your goals for the group coaching program and hash out your book writing plans!

At the end of the Summer Camp we’ll come together again to discuss how it went and what your next steps will be.

1:1 Coaching sessions are exclusive to this launch of the program.

Connection to other like-minded Busy Writers

A Private Online Community to canoodle with your fellow Toucans (and me!) to hold each other accountable!


This community is  NOT hosted on Facebook (I am opposed to paid programs having Facebook groups… I’m opposed to Facebook in general, tbh).

Other Fun Things To Explore!

The glory of this beta group is to test things out, have fun, and make this the community we’re all excited to be a part of! 

Some other ideas to explore:

  • Unlimited Anonymous “Ask the Coach” Written Coaching
  •  Accountability Matchups
  • First looks at other workshops I have planned (guinea pigs!)
  • Office Hours – an hour each month to drop in and ask specific questions about your writing life or project
  • Co-writing sessions – these can be led by me, or if others want to lead to incorporate other time zones, I’m game!


You ask, while reaching for your wallet.


$ 297
  • The price of the Busy Author Toolbox alone!
  • 1:1 Coaching Session (two 30-minute sessions) - $120 value
  • Access to the Busy Author Toolbox - $297 value
  • At least 6 live sessions - $720+ value
  • Plus! 3 months of support, accountability, motivation, inspiration, and connection in the Give it the Bird Community - PRICELESS
  • 3-Pay payment plan available ($99/month)


Hi! I'm Claire.

Author coach and story strategist for time-poor novelists, and aspiring novelists, award-winning author, project manager, amazing wife, dog mom, artist, twin, and all around interesting person (according to my husband).

My greatest joy is inspiring and motivating fellow authors to create a consistent and sustainable writing habit so they can finish their books.


The reason is simple: This is a first launch of a new thing. I always make it an incredibly reasonable price. The reason is three-fold:

  1. This price felt comfortable to me as a busy writer, and I always go with what feels right in my heart and my gut.
  2. Since this is a new thing, rewarding the first participants to get testimonials for the next round is how I roll.
  3. This is my first foray into group coaching and running a community. It’s an experiment. Experimental offers get experimental prices!

One of the things that turns me away from huge communities is not being seen or heard. This smaller group will allow everyone to be seen and heard and given the attention they deserve. Since connection is one of the values of the community, it’s important everyone has a voice and gets the help they need.

Of course! Every live group session will be recorded and available.

I will do my very best to accommodate as many time zones as I can. In the onboarding I’ll ask questions about your time zone and availability.

If you are unable to attend, you can submit your questions ahead of time. I will also be a part of the community. You can always ask questions there for support from me and your fellow Toucans.

Not at all. You can attend whichever sessions you want.

I’ll utilize the community forums for anything that is super important, so you’ll never miss a thing!

The time commitment is only 2 hours per month for live calls, and a few minutes a week to get support in the community.

Yes! You can join today for as little as $99/month. The total will still be $297 no matter which option you choose.

Because this is a BETA program at a heavily discounted rate, no refunds will be given at this time.

If you have an extremely compelling reason, you can email me and we can discuss.

Feel free to email me at



When: June 15th-September 15th

Deadline: sign up by June 10th

Spots available: 10 (sign up early!)

Cost: $297 USD (or 3 payments of $99)

You get:

  • The Busy Author Toolbox ($297 value)
  • 6+ live calls ($720+ value)
  • Two 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions ($120 value)
  • Additional support, camaraderie, commiseration, motivation, accountability, inspiration, connection with other like-minded and awesome authors (Priceless)
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