The April 2023 Write With Me Public Shaming/Accountability Experiment

Written by Claire L. Fishback, PMP

Book Coach & Story Strategist

March 31, 2023

What even is this?

On March 30th I decided for the month of April I would share my daily writing stats as I track them on my amazing Trackulator tool.

My new year begins on April 1st (I’m calling it my Creative Year 2023, or CY23), because New Years kind of snuck up on me this year.

I wasn’t prepared.

Then a bunch of sh*t happened and I just didn’t get into the swing of life and things until now.

So, my Creative Year begins April 1st.

Why do this to yourself (and others)?

Shamelessly, it’s to hopefully get some fabulous like-minded writers to hop into my free mini-course. But I also wanted to show the world behind the scenes of this writer’s life.

Every writer is wonderfully unique. For every writer there’s a new or different way to write a book. I find other writers’ processes to be fascinating. How what works for one is a disaster for another. It’s just so interesting to me!

This is my way (this is the way #mandalorian)

Though I’ll be writing short stories for my fans over at Horror and More-er during the month of April, it will still show some insight into why I swear by the Toucan20 method I teach and preach in pretty much all of my free content.

How to participate (if you wanna)

The event is for 30 days. You can join any time! All you have to do is start writing every day following the Toucan20 Method. Or whatever method you want!

To let me know you’re in, sign up for the free mini-course (button below) or that little pop up in the corner that says “NEW FREE RESOURCE” will get you there, too.

I’ll update my stats every day write up a quick little status thingy to tell you how it went (this’ll probably be in Notion if I can figure that out).

What is the Toucan20 Method?

It’s what I teach and preach in my podcast and other free content. To get the full break down and a bunch of really great downloadables, including the Trackulator (what!!!), which I’ll be using to track my time and words, sign up for my FREE mini-course and private podcast (and subsequently the 30-day challenge, because I should have actually pimped that instead, but I already did a bunch of work, so there you have it. Get both!)

Sign me up!

See you on the inside!
Get ready to spread your wings!

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