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Hi! I’m Claire, an enthusiastic and imaginative author coach who uses way too many exclamation points, talks too much about my beloved pittie mix, Kira, and is fueled by inspiring and motivating fellow writers!

From concept to creation, I help self-published and aspiring self-published novelists write unforgettable and unputdownable books by creating a deep and meaningful connection with their stories that ultimately creates a deep and meaningful connection with their readers.

Working with Claire has been tremendously enlightening. I want to be proud of my book when it’s finally published. Thanks to Claire’s coaching and insight I will be. I just wish I would have started working with Claire a year ago!”

Kristin Homer


Your Dream. My Mission

I’m an imaginative and enthusiastic author coach and am fueled by motivating and inspiring other writers.

I work with fiction writers who have struggled to start, consistently work on, or finish their books. I provide accountability and mindset mentorship for writers as well as a suite of 1:1 book coaching programs for every stage of the novel writing process – Idea and story development (beginning), story rescue (middle), and manuscript evaluations (end).

Not only can I help you develop your story spark, I can also help you find time in your crazy day to write, coach you through the writing process with accountability, cheerleading, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to celebrate with, and evaluate your finished mansucript to help you make it the best it can be.

I want you to write the book that’s burning in your soul, and I want it to be the best book possible.

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Claire’s feedback was insightful, focused, actionable, and encouraging. She identified issues I knew needed work but I didn’t know why or how to fix them. Claire highlighted areas that needed work, explained why it was important to fix them, and suggested steps to do so. I had begun to doubt my writing and had thought about setting this project aside and starting over. After working with Claire, I feel renewed enthusiasm for my writing and for my book and am excited to complete it. ” – Kristin Homer, author


I feel more of a sense of purpose and mission, the ultimate motivators I lacked for ten years in getting back into it. Claire’s ability to sincerely exude enthusiasm, and intersperse suggestions and “what ifs?” in our conversations was nothing short of a diplomatic talent on her part we could use overseas. It’s just an amazing breakthrough to be WANTING TO WRITE every single day again.” – Judalon de Bornay, author of Great Crossing


It was helpful having someone in my corner who was as excited about my story as I was. I was able to get feedback that pointed out things I hadn’t taken into consideration at this point in my manuscript and it really helped to expand my story and make it the best it could be. ” – Rain Moretti, author

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