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Hi! I’m Claire Fishback. An enthusiastic and imaginative author coach who uses way too many exclamation points, talks too much about my beloved pittie mix, Kira, and is fueled by inspiring and motivating fellow writers!

From concept to creation, I help self-published and aspiring self-published novelists develop their story sparks into novel-worthy ideas so they have the inspiration and motivation they need to reach The End and beyond!

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Your Dream. My Mission.

I’m a imaginative and enthusiastic author coach who just wants to inspire and motivate other writers with proven techniques, accountability, self-deprecating and juvenile humor, the occasional costume or character, and lots of energy!

I believe anyone can write, and you don’t have to wait until the kids are out of the house, or you’re retired, or you magically have more time. 

You can start today. Right now. Let’s do this together!

In addition to helping you find time in your crazy packed day to write, I also help novelists and aspiring novelists develop idea sparks into fully fledged stories, coach them through the writing process with accountability, cheerleading, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to celebrate with, and give their final final manuscript one last look before they send it off for professional editing.

I want you to write the book that’s burning in your soul.

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